About us


Dalton Estate is keen to reduce its carbon footprint and play a responsible part in the larger reduction of carbon emissions for the country. Inevitably as a farm a lot of fuel is used so we seek to look at ways of reducing our consumption and of generating renewable power. In the absence of running water hydro is not an option but all of the other headings and links below are, and the brief descriptions on each page will show how we are addressing each available option.


Recently Dalton Estate was able to secure planning permission for two 50kW turbines on a farm just to the east of the village of Lockington. As well as securing a cheaper supply of electricity for this farm, the estate is diversifying its portfolio and reducing its carbon footprint.


As mentioned in the woodchip section, Dalton Hall was one of the very early adopters of a commercial biomass boiler system. Although not without some initial problems, this system has been enormously successful and enabled a productive use of lumber that was difficult to deal with. It has reduced the outgoings on fossil fuel as well as reducing the carbon footprint of the Hall and the estate.

Solar PV

The Dalton Estate has put some small scale photo-voltaic panels on various roofs around the estate in an effort to contribute towards the greening of the estate and area.